Cosentino Unveils Silestone® Eternal Collection At The Grand Opening Of The New Centre In Singapore
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As Cosentino continues to thrive and grow in the Southeast Asian market, the company recognises the need to commit to continuing its growth in the Singapore market while at the same time provide support to other countries within the region.

Says Mr. Ross Cameron, Asia Director, “Cosentino recognises the immense potential in Singapore and the region and we are excited to commit to continuing our growth and development here. The investment in the new Cosentino facility here in Singapore is highly strategic and in line with our company’s direction. We are also very pleased to mark the grand opening with the introduction of the Silestone® Eternal Collection to Singapore and the region.”

The new logistics hub, along with the already established City Centre at 34/35 Duxton Road, are expected to contribute to sales growth and provide the best stone supplier service in the region. Through appointments, the new facility is open to the public for visits.

The new 35,000sq ft. logistics centre and office located at 22 Gul Avenue, will house their very own delivery vehicles, host classroom facilities for staff training, and feature natural stone displays and all other new products.

In addition to employing a team up to 12 new staff, the new facility will house over 10,000 slabs from Cosentino’s technologically advanced surfaces featuring renowned brands including Silestone® Quartz, Dekton® and Sensa.

Launch of Silestone® Eternal Collection

During the launch proceedings of the new facility, Cosentino also unveiled the Silestone® Eternal Collection, a dazzling, new range of colours which pay homage to the most sought-after, exotic marbles in the natural stone sector. The Silestone® Eternal Collection comes full of the seductive character that defines this noble, enduring material, which has been with us since time immemorial. Aesthetics and functionality are fused together in a proposal designed for even the most demanding projects.

The Eternal range is made up of spectacular shades, Eternal Calacatta Gold, Eternal Statuario, Charcoal Soapstone, Pearl Jasmine, Eternal Serena and Eternal Marquina, reflecting a new trend that is making its mark on the world of decoration and interior architecture. This revival trend is based on a commitment to the beauty and timeless naturalness of authentic, historical materials, of which marble is a prime example.

Thanks to the faultless work of the Cosentino R&D Department, Silestone® Eternal has an extraordinary, natural appearance in which the different highlights play an essential role in the overall effect. Through a commitment to innovation, Cosentino has achieved penetrating patterns of highlights, visible from the surface right through to the depths of the slab, even at intersections and edges. Furthermore, the patterns of highlights are faithfully repeated with each round of production, so as not to lose one iota of the original essence of the design.

The Silestone® Eternal Collection is manufactured with N-Boost technology. N-Boost is an innovation patented by Cosentino which modifies the surface of the material at a molecular level and further enhances the outstanding technical and aesthetic properties of Silestone®.

Silestone® N-Boost achieves a greater intensity of colour and an extraordinary surface brightness, and makes the cleaning and maintenance of the surface easier than ever, thanks to the water repellent property of the material. Silestone® Eternal also offers the range of mechanical properties which characterises the brand: high resistance to impact and scratching, ability to manufacture in large size formats and versatility of application.