Bravat Makes Big Strides For International Cooperation In Big5
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Countries in the Middle East boost their economy by relying on oil, which in turn leads the architecture industry into a prosperous era. This is especially evident in countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, all members in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Statistics from the Zawya Projects Monitor shows that total amount of architect projects in GCC will reach to $ 10850 billion by 2037. The UAE, with the largest amount at $ 5138.4 billion, ranks the first and is followed by Saudi Arabia at $3354.7 billion. The prosperity of the architecture industry results in a great demand for architectural instruments, materials and facilities, which provides great developing opportunities for the sanitary industry in the Middle East market.
The Big 5 show covers an area of more than 10,000 m2.

As the leader in the sanitary industry, Bravat was one of the highlights of the show, presenting their trendy designs and diversified options for the local customers. The brand impresses customers with its simple design, aesthetical appearance and advanced technology. In Big 5 Show, a large number of professionals came to see exhibitions of Bravat, fascinated by their merits.

DIETSHE Group puts its ambition into global market, and so does Bravat. After years of elaboration in the Middle East, especially in GCC countries, Bravat triumphantly wins reputation and recommendation from customers.

Bravat holds the belief that their customers deserve the enjoyment of a technologically-advanced life. Therefore, they spare no efforts to polish every product and provide the best bathroom experience for customers.

Bravat’s mission is to have every one of their customers indulge in a comfortable bathroom experience while enjoying the unique sightseeing of foreign countries.

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