Kasthall Launches A New Rug In Time For Fall 2016, Infusing Geometry With Dazzling Colors
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The designer Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg has balanced various colours carefully, inspired by coat fabrics from the world of fashion in Kasthalls new rug John. The rug John is woven in a blend of the finest wool and linen in a combination of bouclé yarn and wool yarn that form a pattern of diffuse squares. John comes in five different colours, including two with glittering additions in the form of Lurex yarn.

Gunilla used influences from the great fashion houses by creating and reproducing the fashion industry’s fast cycles into something durable in Kasthall’s rugs. In Gunilla’s way of thinking, rugs were fashion. She commented that Kasthall’s rugs were based on tradition, however this should be constantly renewed, to take tradition and turn it into something new: cherishing the old and creating something new.

The challenge of outsmarting the machines and finding new ways to create designs was something that motivated rather than limited her. Gunilla found new ways to create designs and develop weaving techniques with new materials and combinations, rather than being satisfied with conventional techniques.

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