Gaggenau Brings Two Professional-Grade Appliances To The Private Kitchen
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Gaggenau, the pioneer of steam cooking technology and healthy food preparation, releases the new vacuuming drawer 400series. In combination with the Combi-steam ovens 400 series, both create the perfect conditions for gentle sous vide cooking. Both appliances symbolise Gaggenau’s ongoing commitment to providing professional-grade appliances in the private kitchen that inspire and enable haute cuisine for the ambitious chef.

The new handle less vacuuming drawer 400 series enables quick and convenient sealing of food, ideal for the precise practice of sous-vide cooking. Ingredients are ‘vacuumed’ with no loss of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Cooked at a consistently low temperature of 50 to 95 degrees, the natural flavor of each ingredient is retained and an unrivalled texture is achieved.

The vacuumed food also benefits from an extended storage life. Through intuitive touch control technology, the drawer provides three levels of oxygen extraction and heat-sealing, so vacuuming bags of varying thickness can be made airtight.

Design-matched to the ovens 400 series in solid stainless steel backed glass, the vacuuming drawer can be integrated underneath the Gaggenau Combi-steam ovens400 series. The ovens, capable of steaming, baking, cooking and grilling, are also equipped with a sous-vide cooking function. This allows for accurate temperature regulation in one-degree increments