Daval Furniture Unveil New Trend Finish, Sage Green
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Daval, award-winning British designer and manufacturer of quality fitted furniture is excited to introduce Sage Green, its latest super matt finish for the kitchen offering a more muted, earthy shade of green with grey undertones.

Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director at Daval Furniture says, “Embodying the soft-coloured foliage of this herb garden staple, our new Sage Green colourway is the perfect addition to our ever-expanding library of super matt finishes. Not only does it speak to the emerging trend for calming home environments, but the colour green is also a natural foil to today’s sophisticated accent materials like wood and marble by helping to emphasise a living connection between the home and nature. Often associated with a sense of calm and tranquillity, Sage Green is lighter and cooler in tone when compared to our range of heritage colours in Forest Green and Hunter Green.”

From light silvery green to deeper shades of olive, the new Sage Green super matt finish will naturally change temperature depending on the available light, so it’s very easy to create areas of cool and warm green upon your kitchen furniture with the help of natural daylight and strategically placed task and mood lighting. Providing a modern alternative to grey and white, Sage Green is designed to elevate the neutral colour palette and become the next go-to colour for the classic and contemporary kitchen space.

Specially designed for the company’s bestselling Mayfair Furniture Collection, Sage Green is a brand-new super matt finish that presents the luxurious feel of an upmarket lacquer with velvet like touch. Its low gloss level is highly resistant to fingerprints making it the perfect solution for the kitchen where dirty and greasy hands are commonplace.

Presenting a silky-smooth surface using thermo healing technology with self-healing, restorative qualities, this new finish outperforms during any abrasion tests making it much tougher than its nearest matt furniture equivalent which can be prone to scratches.

Ideal in a busy, family kitchen, thermo-reversible healing means you can easily repair any superficial micro-scratches by using an iron and a damp cloth on the damaged area. The addition of heat will enable the Sage Green furniture to start the thermal healing process and if the scratch has not penetrated the surface, your kitchen furniture will rapidly and efficiently heal itself!

James Bodsworth, Design Director at Daval Furniture says, “Kitchen living is evolving on many levels as homeowners seek expressive colours and finishes, which will enhance the home experience as well as complement and prolong the best in bespoke storage. And when combined with nature-inspired materials our subtle Sage Green finish creates a calming aesthetic that is ideal in today’s busy kitchen and utility room.

We are passionate cabinet makers and at the heart of our brand is a desire to create individual solutions that inspire our customers to realise their dream. Our unique super matt finishes allow us to ensure we provide a sustainable alternative to designing and making furniture without compromising the design or the finish of furniture.”