Revolutionize Kitchen Design By Removing The Limitations Of Traditionally Exhausted Range Hoods
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JAK Appliance Group, a specialty importer, distributor and brand developer for kitchen appliances is pleased to announce the arrival of the PlasmaMade® brand in North America.

The various PlasmaMade® products will change the way kitchen designers, architects and builders plan kitchen layouts, venting requirements and appliance placement, given the new technology and innovation of the PlasmaMade® products. Gone are the days of needing external venting for hood fans. Now, all you need a PlasmaMade® E-filter, because its recirculated air delivers a healthier and cleaner cooking environment.

Why is that?

The PlasmaMade® E-Filter is a revolutionary recirculation filter that has advanced and patented techniques for cleaning the air. The filter uses, among other things, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) to more effectively filter odours, particulate matter, allergens and micro-organisms from the air. This leads to effective recirculating of indoor air, once it has been cleaned, meaning that neither external venting nor traditional carbon filters (and their costly replacements 3-4 times per year) will be required – and the lifespan of the E- filter is 12-15 years, meaning easier maintenance and lower overall costs for the consumer.

For the consumer, this leads to better air quality in the kitchen and a healthier environment overall. For the kitchen designer and builder, it means that the constraints of physical vents are removed and provides them with design flexibility and creativity, far beyond what was previously possible. A real win for all concerned.