Cosentino Launches Two New Silestone® Collections, Le Chic and Urban Crush
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Singapore – Cosentino Group has added two collections to its Silestone® portfolio, Le Chic and Urban Crush, which feature innovative design processes and leading sustainable technology.

As the first collections from Silestone® to debut in two years, these launches mark a highly anticipated moment for the brand. Silestone® aims to disrupt and create trends, and with Le Chic’s one-of-a-kind detailing and Urban Crush’s refreshing palette, these collections bring a luxurious allure to any interior space.

“At Cosentino, I believe we must strive to uphold our core values of innovation and sustainability with each product we put forward,” said Valentin Tijeras, Product, Innovation and Quality Vice President at Cosentino. “With Le Chic, we’ve made great strides in terms of surfacing technology by manufacturing the veining in such detail, and Urban Crush represents our constant pulse on modern design trends. This is an exciting milestone for the Silestone® portfolio, and we’re proud to be able to continue to manufacture these collections sustainably with our HybriQ+® technology.”

Singapore Launch’s Special Collaboration with RSP

Singapore’s joint launch of the Silestone® Le Chic and Urban Crush collections was celebrated with exclusive cocktail soirees called Sunset Sessions. Conceptualised in collaboration with RSP, Singapore-headquartered global multidisciplinary architectural and engineering design group, Sunset Session was born almost at the same time as RSP Lifestyle, the company’s new arm focusing on lifestyle work, branding and innovative business.

“We believe that not all problems require a spatial solution, sometimes, the best outcome can be crafted and artisanal,” says Law Yoke Foong, Head of Business and Executive Director at RSP. Given the company’s robust network with industry partners, the RSP team is confident of its ability to collaborate with different specialists for bespoke outcomes that include architecture, furniture, lighting, and launch experiences such as Sunset Sessions.

The centrepiece of Sunset Sessions is the Sun Bar, a bespoke bar that can be dismantled and assembled using almost 500 modules of Cosentino material samples that form an eye-catching skin. Designed by RSP’s Design Director Mark Wong and Principal Interior Designer Kristine Tagaban, it features a smart lighting control that allows the skin to be backlit according to desired moods.

“We wanted to see how we can leapfrog Cosentino’s launch with us as architects, to showcase their products via a designed piece by RSP. We hope that the Sun Bar continues to be a talking point, an experimental piece and about successful collaboration stories,” adds Yoke Foong.