Bathroom furniture range, MA, launches at Salone del Mobile in Milan
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MA, a new range of bathroom furniture, has been launched at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The range takes its name from the concept of ‘in-between space’ in Japanese art and culture, which places emphasis on achieving a harmonious balance between the elements and the space between them in any artistic composition. This is the first collaboration between Foster + Partners and Falper, the Italian manufacturer specialising in bathroom furniture.

Mike Holland, Senior Partner and Head of Industrial Design, Foster + Partners, said: “The range is defined by the pure volumetric geometry of various primary elements - basins, baths, storage cabinets, or mirrors - interconnected by fine stainless-steel stems. By deconstructing its constituent elements and distilling the essence of a bathroom down to the minimum, MA creates a flexible architectural framework onto which different elements can be added and reconfigured to suit a range of living spaces.”

These complementary elements can be placed together – free-standing or against a vertical surface – to create bathroom installations. They can also be used to add functions to any living area or even an in-between space such as a hallway, extending its influence into other spaces of the home.

MA explores materiality in a revolutionary manner, based on Falper’s unique palette of materials.