AXOR x Philippe Starck: When innovation meets design, showering becomes an experience
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A shower is a very intimate space, and it must be flexible and adaptable to an individual’s needs. Designed by world-renowned creator Philippe Starck, AXOR ShowerComposition introduces a striking new universal design language, modern and timeless, to the shower area. The program features sleek, flat surfaces and ultra-slim profiles in an architectonic composition that presents novel possibilities for individual expression. Whether as an all-in-one shower panel or a personalized arrangement of floating modules, AXOR ShowerComposition offers exceptional performance, including  immersive  PowderRain  spray  mode overhead and PowderRain shoulder showers with angle adjustment. AXOR ShowerComposition provides the maximum of services by using the minimum of matter.

Reflecting uniqueness

AXOR ShowerComposition features a reduced, rectilinear design, the diminutive depth of the showerhead and vertical panels, which extend just 10mm from the wall, counterbalanced by their generous width. While the easy-to-install shower panel offers full functionality in one single basic set, individual shower modules can be composed and arranged for a truly personalized shower experience. “With the new AXOR ShowerComposition program, we have composed three to four objects in one. That’s what modernity is all about: always doing the minimum to get the maximum,” says Philippe Starck.

Versatile and easy to install, the AXOR ShowerComposition program is available in a variety of configurations. The all-in-one shower panel integrates an overhead shower, a body shower, a thermostatic module and a hand shower as well as a textile-wrapped shower hose. AXOR ShowerComposition is also available as a shower module with a 1-jet overhead shower, a shower module with a 1-jet overhead and a shoulder shower, or a shower module with a 2-jet overhead and a shoulder shower. A separate 1-jet adjustable shoulder shower module offers additional flexibility. The program is available in the full range of exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces, including Matt Black.

In addition to PowderRain, an immersive spray type that cocoons the body in ultra-fine droplets, selected overhead showers incorporate a conical spray. Temperature and water volume are controlled separately through an intuitive interaction design. The dimensions of the AXOR ShowerComposition showers match perfectly with those of the AXOR Universal Rectangular Accessories, ensuring a cohesive design language throughout the shower area. Most of the required components are manufactured in Germany, reducing the program’s CO2 footprint.