Meljac X Tournaire Décor: a Stylish Partnership for Exquisite Switches
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Unparalleled expertise, endless potential for customization

Thanks to the unique combination of their respective expertise, the partnership between the two French creators also offers endless opportunities for bespoke designs. The renowned quality of Meljac’s luxury models naturally complements the state-of-the-art techniques of Maison Tournaire, including 3D modelling and lost wax casting. These techniques can be applied to produce any number of bespoke finishes, from the most subtle to the most extravagant, with complex shapes, rare metals, precious stones, and motifs available on request, achieving an unprecedented level of detail. Each Meljac X Tournaire Décor switch is an eye-catching work of art that perfectly captures the spirit of its surroundings.

Bringing the art of jewellery to interiors

Three “high jewellery” switch models have been created, each drawing on the respective expertise of Maison Tournaire and Meljac. Adorned with more than 10 carats of diamonds for the “Alchimie” model, 5 carats of sapphires for the “Bas relief” model, and 3 carats of sapphires and 1 carat of diamonds for the “Engrenages” model, these are the most exquisite switches in the world, bringing a uniquely dazzling touch to the most prestigious interiors.

Maison Tournaire: from jewellery to works of art

Maison Tournaire, founded in the workshop of innovative self-taught jewellery designer Philippe Tournaire, in the Loire département in central France, has infused its inimitable, singular style into the French jewellery-making industry since 1973. That style is now in the hands of Mathieu Tournaire, who is committed to upholding the values passed down to him by his father. This family tradition – “constantly seeking innovation and new ideas, the piece that we’ve been waiting for” – is rooted in a unique skilled craftsmanship combining the finest age-old jewellery-making techniques with cutting-edge technology. Top jewellery creator, Maison Tournaire, regularly joins forces with luxury brands and artists to produce objects and accessories that showcase the singular qualities on which it has built its reputation. It has been awarded the quality labels Maître Artisan d’Art, Joaillerie de France, Ateliers d’Art de France, and Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, and is currently developing its own ranges of objets d’art, decorative pieces, and tableware with the “Tournaire Décor” brand. Its collaboration with Meljac is a prestigious illustration of this new venture.

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