Duravit Presents Formality in Design
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Geometry brings a whole host of high-contrast design opportunities to the world of architecture, including bathroom design. Nothing is more timeless or more creative than the language of form.

Washbasins with a consistent 90 degree design meet contemporary square or circle combinations, which unite two high-contrast geometric forms. More and more objects are moving away from perfect symmetry–an idea that is creating ripples. On Duravit’s P3 Comforts shower stool, the traditional square gives way to a trapezium, and the Starck 2 washbasin, which looks perfectly circular at first glance, is actually slightly oval in shape, setting eye-catching accents in the bathroom design. Meanwhile, the protruding pentagon of the Paiova 5 bathtub and the gently curving tri-oval of the Cape Cod washbowl translate the formal language on a new level.

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