The fresh and bold Gigi, summer in a lamp
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Studio d’Armes, in collaboration with Verre d’Onge, unveils its new duo of table and floor lamps: Gigi and Gigi Grand.


This collection is the result of a professional love affair between the montrealer studio Verre d’Onge and Studio d’Armes, two times Archiproducts Award winners for their lighting design. This joint project is the alliance of two domains: the mastery of glass and of light. Its very existence emerges from a creative process focused on pleasure and an exploration of its physical nature, of the sensory experience of its presence in space.


Both Gigi, with their different dimensions, carry distinct personalities. Gigi Grand has presence with its elegant geometry and its refined details, while the smaller Gigi is playful and expresses joy and softness.


In its desire to explore and rethink the classical glass lamp, Studio d’Armes and Verre d’Onge pushed the limits of the glass to create Gigi Grand, which possesses monumental dimensions for this art. It stands in the space like a beacon of glass and light.


The Gigi lamps allow themselves to be discovered, to be revealed in alternating opacity and transparency. Under the breath of the glassblower, their shades and tones spread throughout the material, each time in a unique way. Thereby, each lamp is an exclusive object.


Their high-quality lighting emanates from bidirectional light engines and can be dimmed to a warmer shade.


The Gigi collection is being showcased at Archiproducts Milano, in their new exhibition project named “Future Habit (at)”, as part of Milano Design Week 2021.


Gigi / Technical Specifications

Hand-blown glass table lamp
Colours: Clear, Fog, Sage, Red, Dark
16.1 x 5.4 inches
LED lighting (CRI: ≥93)
1400 Lumens
Fix 5 presets (2200k, 2700k, 3000k, 3500k, 4000k)
Dim to warm (3000k à 2200k)
12 W
120 V ou 220-240 V


Gigi Grand / Technical Specifications

Hand-blown glass floor lamp
Colours: Clear, Rising Fog
41.4 x 10.6 inches
LED lighting (CRI: ≥93)
2200 Lumens
Fix 5 presets (2200k, 2700k, 3000k, 3500k, 4000k)
Dim to warm (3000k à 2200k)
120 V ou 220-240 V


About Studio d’Armes

d’Armes is a design studio that creates enigmatic and modern light structures with a singular poetic approach. A team of professionals, designers, and craftsmen weave refined, distinct and timeless lighting featuring extraordinary and disparate elements that inspire unique emotional responses.