Residential staircases punctuated by Barovier&Toso design
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Residential projects where the staircases are not mere vertical connections, but true décor features to enhance and admire.

Inside a home, staircases shape paths of circulation and connect various levels, contributing to formulate the internal layout. Their presence can be minimized or accentuated. Certain historic villas and palaces are famous for their staircases, designed to be visually striking presences.

Even today, private clients often opt for architectural solutions in which flights of steps are the protagonists. The most outstanding projects are those that assign light a central role, visually amplifying the space and creating junction points between perspectives.

Thanks to its vast collection, Barovier&Toso is able to respond to all such situations. The suspension and ceiling lamps, as well as the chandeliers, are ideal choices for these projects, adapting to the design of the staircase and in some cases acting as a true "backbone" of the setting.

The possibility of customizing every Barovier&Toso creation in terms of size and colour translates into the certainty of being able to meet the demands of every client, which in this case correspond to a private, intimate dimension.

The home, as a place that welcomes us and represents us on an everyday basis, requires the creation of synergies between light and architecture. As a companion of all our activities, light becomes an accomplice, with the capacity to guide us but also to seduce us. 

In the case of the creations of Barovier&Toso, this is a seduction that speaks the language of Venetian Crystal, blown and crafted by hand by the master glassmakers of Murano. Inserted in two-storey areas such as stairwells, these creations offer an expansive sense of space, interacting with their surroundings in a versatile, expressive manner.

A dynamic relationship is generated between light and the user, with the possibility of enjoying the view of chandeliers and suspension lamps from above, or from unusual vantage points. 

A selection of intriguing residential projects illustrates this relationship of reciprocity between stairs and light: contexts that are very different from each other in terms of style and mood, but all share the dramatic presence of creations by Barovier&Toso.