LG To Launch The New Commercial Air Conditioner With Innovative Air Purification Function
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LG Electronics (LG) launches the new commercial air conditioner (CAC), equipped with its innovative air purification function. The product is optimized for crowded facilities where users spend a long time, especially places frequent by those with weaker immunity and are more vulnerable to fine dust. These includes kindergartens, schools, hospitals, offices and retail malls. LG's new cassette offers more choices to building owners and consultants who are torn between various selections of cassettes.


In May 2018, WHO reported that 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants while in January 2019, UNICEF announced that over 130,000 children die every year because of air pollution. According to the "2019 World Air Quality Report" published by IQAir, a Swiss air quality technology company, Singapore's air quality stands in the 'Moderate' range[1]. This means that the air quality is acceptable, however there could be presence of some pollutants that may cause a slight health concern for a small group of people who are sensitive to air pollution.


LG's cassette type indoor unit, equipped with air purification function, is the best option when considering the installation of air purification products for large indoor spaces. To implement efficient air purifying technology, LG has supplemented air purification solutions to 1 Way and 4 Way cassette indoor units.


Firstly, multi-layer structure of Pre-filter removes particle, which is 2.5 times higher efficiency than general pre-filters. Then, Dust Electrification increases the electrostatic force of particle improving the filter's collecting efficiency. The following step is removing dust up to PM1.0 ultrafine particle with Electric Dust Filter. Lastly, Deodorization filter removes life odor and harmful gases with high efficiency gas adsorption technology.


Marrying Slim Design and High Performance

LG's new cassette provides powerful air purification performance. The filter removes a dust up to PM1.0 with LG's revolutionary technology, which is guaranteed by Korea Air Cleaning Association (KACA). The new cassette shows Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 19.1 m3/min, which is much higher than the standard CADR of 10.0 m3/min. Even though LG adds air purifying process to the cassette, it keeps its excellence in appearance as separate filter frames are applied to air purification filters inside the product. As a result, LG's indoor unit looks the slimmest among any other products in the market.


Another notable feature of LG's new cassette is its indoor panel LED lamp and a wired remote control, which allows to monitor air quality in real time. Monitoring can be done anytime via mobile LG ThinQ app.


Moreover, the integral panel is installed to the indoor unit body, therefore it does not take up space on the floor and interior space can be utilized more widely. Since the air purification filters are semi-permanent and one-touch, it does not need to be replaced, providing convenient maintenance for building owners.


"By using LG's revolutionary air conditioning system, building owners, consultants and installers can raise the standard of the buildings," said Kam-gyu Lee, LG's air solution business unit chief. "Based on the innovative feature and technology, LG will continue to work as a leader in the world-class HVAC market and make the healthy living environment for humans."


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