Bathroom Design for Every Budget
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Good design does not have to exceed a modest budget. In the bathroom, the Duravit series DuraStyle, Darling New and Ketho cater for different budgets and lifestyles.

When developing the DuraStyle series, architect and designer Matteo Thun was interested in aesthetics and economic sustainability. With its simplicity of form and visual lightness, the Duravit complete programme creates a bathroom ambience that takes a step back in order to allow scope for individuality. The toilets with their particularly flat seat are simple and elegant. Natural materials emphasise the clear-cut, elegant design: a delicate frame made of solid real wood highlights the light, almost weightless feel of the furniture washbasin. With the combination of light and dark nuances and wood tones, the series achieves a pleasant effect in the bathroom.

When developing the Darling New series, sieger design focused on lots of design for a little money. The visual leitmotiv of the series is a fine edge that features both in the furniture and on the ceramics. The bathtubs adopt this consistent style element in their own unique way: soft LED light accentuates the delicate, all-round rim that, with a width of 11.5 cm, offers either a comfortable seat or assistance when getting in and out of the bath. Lively wood grains, such as Pine Silver and Pine Terra, become an integral part of the different bathroom concepts, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home. Yet, hygiene and ease of cleaning are also prioritised: Surfaces that come in for a lot of use, such as consoles and wall boards, are coated in textured varnish, making them particularly scratch-resistant.

For his Ketho series, furniture designer Christian Werner created clear, rectangular forms and contours with a delicate frame for a particularly fine feel. Ergonomically-shaped aluminium strip handles facilitate the opening of drawers. Ketho places special emphasis on family-friendly design. All items of furniture feature comprehensive melamine resin protection and bonded, waterproof edges so there is nothing to stand in the way of lots of family fun in the bathroom. Different décors highlight the refinement of the form. White, basalt and graphite add subtlety, whereas garnet red creates a powerful blaze of colour in the bathroom.