21 Red Dot Award-Winning Designs Shaping the Home
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Here is a snapshot of some of LIXIL's Red Dot Award-winning products in 2019:


INAX: In-Spout Filtration Kitchen Faucet

From the brand that developed Japan's first ever commercial shower toilet comes a water faucet with a high-performance carbon filter in its spout. Years of developing ceramics and water filters have gone into creating a water filter with a diameter of this size. In Japan, it isn't uncommon for kitchens to have a second faucet to filter tap water; integrating the water filter into the main water faucet now helps users free up sink space, as well as storage space since an under-sink filtration system is no longer needed. For convenience, easy to use controls to turn the filter on and off, as well as change spray patterns, is located on the head of the spout.


GROHE: 3D Metal-Printed Faucet

GROHE is shaping the future of water through new manufacturing technologies, including a unique formula of granules for its 3D metal printers. Its Icon 3D faucets reinterpret the brand's existing Allure Brilliant and Atrio lines, demonstrating how 3D printing can influence a new generation of design. By reducing the design of the faucet to its essentials, GROHE is not only saving resources but evolving a new interactive experience with water.


American Standard: EasySET Exposed Shower Mixer

With comfort and safety in mind, the shower and bath mixer by American Standard for its Asia-Pacific markets keeps water temperature comfortably constant, even when water pressure fluctuates, preventing both scalding and cold water-shock. Featuring easy to use push and turn controls to preset water volume and temperature, the mixer also offers a surface and side-hook to keep bath essentials within easy reach.


DXV: AT200 LS Spalet

AT200 LS pairs luxury design and performance with personalized hygiene, while cleansing features pamper you with a fresh, out-of-the-shower feeling. Advanced features harness the power of technology to keep your room smelling fresh, with air circulation, room refresh deodorizer, and an air shield deodorizer. The AT200 LS comes with a soft night light to illuminate the seat and bowl, aerated feminine wash and aerated posterior wash with dual adjustable self-cleaning nozzles, and a heated toilet seat.


LIXIL: Smart Package Postal Box

LIXIL's Smart Package Postal Box is a IoT mail box that lets you talk to the postal carrier via your smartphone, enabling you to receive larger packages when not home. You can even leave your own packages inside for the postal carrier to pick up, cutting down on those trips to the post office, and ultimately providing users with "time value". Integrating both a mail box and a package postal box, it also provides "spatial value".


Nitto Cera and LIXIL: ONDEMAND ECOCARAT Wall Tiles

Ecocarat is a genre of tile that helps to keep indoor humidity levels comfortable and neutralize odors. And now its designs are customizable through a new service that lets users print images on the ceramic, whether family photos or designs. The tiles come with a magnetic backing so they can be fitted onto a steel sheet that is secured to a wall, meaning users can switch designs any time.


LIXIL pursues meaningful designs that solve consumer challenges, helping to improve how we all live, wherever we live. To learn about the other 14 products that won a Red Dot Award 2019, see the full list of winners in the press release attached, and more information about the winning products in the appendix.