hansgrohe delivers a truly extraordinary shower experience with Rainfinity
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Showering from a Whole New Perspective

Rainfinity is a shower to envelop the entire body from head to toe in water. But thanks to the innovative wall connection, the head can also be protected from the spray, as the tilt of the head shower can be adjusted between 10 and 30 degrees, thus guaranteeing a comfortable showering position that, if desired, keeps your face and hair dry. The shower experience is further enhanced by the slightly concave spray surface and the diffused arrangement of the jet disc holes. This combination ensures that the spray of water isn't limited to the head and shoulders as usual, but softly envelops the body with water.

Standing in the Rain Has Never Been So Invigorating

The three spray modes of the Rainfinity head shower transform your daily shower into a truly extraordinary shower experience. You'll find maximum relaxation in the microfine spray of the PowderRain spray mode. Thousands of drops wrap the body in a blanket of water – a sensual, ultraquiet wellness program. Located in the center of the jet disc, the Intense PowderRain mode with its concentrated jet makes it easier than ever to rinse out shampoo. Reminiscent of individual strings of pearls, the invigorating RainStream pampers you as you shower with its consistently high spray intensity and massages your shoulders and back. In the hand shower, RainStream is replaced by the MonoRail spray, which provides a soothing regenerative effect on the arms and legs with targeted, powerful, Kneipp-inspired jets.

Showering Has Never Been So Extraordinary

The extensive Rainfinity range offers many opportunities to furnish your shower based on your needs: wall or ceiling installation, head or hand shower, with just one or three different spray modes, the hand shower in the traditional design or in the geometric rod shape – there's no end to the design freedom. The range also features a Showerpipe – a shower system consisting of a head and hand shower and shower bar – as an all-new design archetype with practical shelving and separate, concealed control. And the shoulder shower with an integrated shelf is not only a visual highlight in the bathroom, but also provides space for all your toiletries.