Luxurious and exclusive: KEUCO fittings and accessories shine in special metallic colours
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The extravagant metallic surfaces in warm bronze, champagne-coloured nickel and opulent black lend an exclusive touch, whether in upscale hotels or deluxe private bathrooms. Exclusive matt or glossy finishes use colour to add accents.

The production process is as unusual as the look itself. KEUCO only produces these exquisite fittings and accessories on a custom-order basis. Technically, the surfaces are something very special: they are not produced by electroplating, but rather by so-called PVD coating (physical vapour deposition). In this vacuum-based process, a thin coating is applied to the metal object, which does not change the surface, but does allow diverse colours. For the fittings and accessories, the production process guarantees extremely durable surfaces with an intense, deep shine and high degree of hardness.