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Facial Recognition Improving 'at Breakneck Speeds'

For all the news coverage of facial recognition technology, it's currently just not that good.

“Traditionally, face recognition software has worked very well on what I would call highly controlled photos,” said Chris Boehnen, a program manager with the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity. Those would include pictures where the subject is looking at the camera and where there is good lighting, like a drivers license, visa or mugshot picture.

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Russian, Chinese Companies Win Intel Community's Face Recognition Tech Contest

A Russian company whose software is used to match facial photos to individual identities has $25,000 from the U.S. intelligence community.

NTechlab, based in Moscow, is best known for building a product called “FindFace” that let users surreptitiously take photos of strangers and match them to their online social media profiles through Russian Facebook-counterpart VKontakte.

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Backing Big Brother: Chinese Facial Recognition Firms Appeal to Funds

Buoyed by China’s plans to build a ubiquitous CCTV surveillance network, Chinese and some foreign investors are pouring money into start-up technology firms that specialize in facial recognition software.

At stake for firms such as SenseTime Group, Face++ and DeepGlint, is a multi-billion dollar global public and private market for facial recognition technology that can quickly identify individuals by measuring major elements of their faces, such as the distance between the eyes and the curve of the cheekbones.

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Nixu Attempts to Hack an Elevator as Part of IoT Cybersecurity Awareness Event

Nixu’s IoT Wreckathon event helps companies to improve cybersecurity and raise security awareness in their R&D organizations.

The prediction of all the products in the world being connected is getting closer year by year. The estimates on how many connected devices there will be in 2020 range from 30 billion to over 200 billion. No matter what forecast will end up being true, the fact is that there are tremendous business opportunities in IoT.

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Dahua and Seagate Building an Industry Ecosystem Diligently Together for 10 Years

Seagate Technology LLC and Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. held a ceremony to commemorate ten years’ partnership at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center of China. Dahua Technology VP and General Manager of the Domestic Business, Mr. Zhang Wei, and Seagate Technology Global VP and President of China Region, Ms. Sun Dan, were present at the ceremony to celebrate their ten years’ partnership and join hands in riding the new wave of artificial intelligence in the development of the security industry.

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Verint Adds Machine Learning and Automation to its Cyber Security Solution for Governments and Critical Infrastructure Providers

Verint’s Solution Helps the Security Operations Center to Automate Data Collection and Analysis, and Accelerate Time from Threat Detection to Response

Bangkok, Thailand - Verint® Systems Inc. a leading provider of security and intelligence data mining software, presented the latest version of its Intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) solution at Defense & Security Thailand 2017. The iSOC is a turnkey cyber security solution designed for government and critical infrastructure providers with large security operations center.

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Doha to Host First Major Event Safety and Security Conference

Doha will host the first Major Event Safety and Security Conference organised by the Security Committee of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy ( SCDL) in collaboration with Interpol on November 7 and 8 at St. Regis Doha.

All 192 member-states of Interpol have been invited to the event and about 350 delegates have already registered for the conference. Several other international organisations, guests and entities that have key roles in the field of major events' safety and security have also been invited.

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Sweden Edges Towards Geo-Fencing Terrorism Deterrent

“Such restrictions would also help increase the road safety of vulnerable road users. It could help to protect people's lives and health by preventing opportunities to hijack vehicles and use them in terror attacks.”

Sweden could be the first country to introduce terrorist-proof digital geo-fencing, after its infrastructure minister, Tomas Eneroth, indicated that testing could begin in Stockholm as early as next year. Geo-fencing, which is not currently being used by any other countries in the way Sweden is proposing, is able to pin-point the geographical position of vehicles using global positioning technology and prevent them from entering restricted areas.

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Too Many False Alarms for Population-Wide Facial Surveillance:NEC

While NEC continues to roll out facial recognition systems around the world, the company says the spectre of real-time surveillance is a non-starter.

There is no technical reason why a nation could not load its population into a watchlist and attempt to track them constantly in real time, but NEC Europe head of Global Face Recognition Solutions Chris de Silva says such a system would throw out too many false positives.

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Facial Recognition Needn’t Infringe Our Privacy as the CCTV Commissioner Fears

Surveillance Camera Commissioner Tony Porter has written to police chiefs warning that use of facial recognition technology poses a grave risk to our privacy – and threatens to undermine public trust in the police.

But facial recognition could ultimately give the public more, not less, confidence in law enforcement. This advanced technology forms part of a new era of artificial intelligence (AI), a whole different world that could accelerate our understanding of people’s behaviour and, crucially, identify criminals quicker than ever before.