Inspiring Innovative Surfaces with the Launch of Cosentino Center Malaysia
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Cosentino, a global leader in innovative surfaces celebrated the grand opening of its Cosentino Center Malaysia – the largest Cosentino showroom in Asia. The festive event was attended by senior members of Cosentino from the global and regional offices, local architects, interior designers, business partners, and media. At 46,607 square feet, the experiential facility marks the Spanish company’s commitment to bring innovative and inspiring surfaces to the Malaysian market featuring its renowned brands including Silestone®, Dekton® and Sensa®.

The Center deviates from the traditional perception of a typical showroom. Over 3,000 slabs are on display in an art gallery format to showcase the variety of surfaces to inspire architects, planners, interior designers and consumers. Networking areas, a fully functioning show kitchen and a bar counter spanning over 5 floors are some of the interactive spaces offered.

“We have been looking forward to this moment to be truly present in Malaysia. Cosentino has been in Malaysia since 2014 and finally we have a space to fully engage with our friends in the architect and interior design industry as well as end users. Our vision is to imagine and anticipate design solutions that offer value and inspiration to people’s lives. We currently distribute our products in more than 110 countries, and we will continue to expand,” said Eduardo Cosentino, Vice President of Cosentino Group and the CEO of Cosentino North America.  

The launch of Cosentino Center Malaysia marks the transformation of surfaces in Malaysia, be it in homes, offices, restaurants or public spaces. Cosentino carries wide range of quartz, granite, natural stone, marble, limestone, travertine and other different surfaces through its three brands – Silestone®, Dekton® and Sensa®.   

Mark Collar, General Manager of Cosentino Malaysia stated that, “We believe that there is great potential in the Malaysian market for Cosentino. There is increasing appreciation for quality surfaces in Malaysia due to its functionality and its capability to transform the aesthetics of a space. Guided by the philosophy of constant improvement, Cosentino Malaysia strives to bring top-notch products that create limitless inspiration to homeowners, designers and architects. We are also ecstatic to bring Malaysians together with our experiential showroom. We will be holding frequent cooking events, wine tastings, networking sessions and specialised events for interior designers, architects, as well as the public.”


Adding to the celebration of their welcome to Malaysia, the Cosentino Group was recently selected as one of the ‘50 Best Companies to Work For’ by the Spanish edition of Forbes magazine. The study was based on the opinions of more than 8,000 employees of the biggest companies of all industries in Spain, where a stringent and transparent evaluation process took place.

The launch also witnessed the introduction of the Dekton® Stonika Collection that provides users with high shock and impact resistance without compromising aesthetics, the introduction of two dark, matte shades – Bromo and Milar of Dekton® by Cosentino and the launch of Sensa® by Cosentino, a protected natural stone with exclusive protection against stain.            

Introduction of the Dekton® Stonika Collection

Attendees of the event also witnessed the introduction of the Dekton® Stonika Collection - the most advanced offering of Dekton® by Cosentino. The ultra-compact architectural surface with advanced technical properties for both interior and exterior application.

Having drawn inspiration from natural stone materials, the Stonika Collection comes with sharper designs, resulting in an ultra-realistic appeal due to new findings in the manufacturing process. The collection also offers the best resistance to thermal shock and impact in the market. The Dekton® Stonika Collection is available in six different colours, namely Olimpo, Bergen, Arga, Taga, Sogne and Korso.

Download the ambient , slab and detail images of Dekton® Stonika here.

Introduction of Bromo and Milar for Dekton® by Cosentino

Dekton® by Cosentino also launched Bromo and Milar for the Malaysian market. These two new dark, matte shades come with a soothing elegance that imbue interior and exterior decor with personality.

Bromo, with its natural and organic appearance, and Milar, with an aesthetic that evokes old industrial ships located in the outskirts of cities, exude beauty and functionality due to the design and the quality delivered. The excellent feature of the Dekton® ultra-compact surface is that it guarantees lasting and unique technical and aesthetic performances for both Bromo and Milar. The two colours are included in the Natural and Industrial colour collections respectively.  

Download images of Bromo and Milar here.

Launch of Sensa® by Cosentino

The event also witnessed the launch of Sensa® by Cosentino. Sensa® is Cosentino's brand of protected natural stone with exclusive protection against stains. Sensa’s granites and quartzites are subjected to a revolutionary treatment, Senguard NK that makes them highly stain resistant. 

With a 15-year warranty, Sensa® granites offer unique designs that can only be replicated by Mother Nature and they come in ten different colours, namely Black Beauty, Glacial Blue, Orinoco, Colonial White, Indian Black, Ice Blue, Moak Black and Bianco Antico, Taj Mahal and White Macaubas each with a specific finish, suede, polished or caresse.